Monday, 16 May 2011

Hello Monday.

Monday Monday Monday. Why? Sooooo tired today. Sitting in the cafe again, after the school run. Having a coffee.

Please note the lack of cupcake in this picture. I had already started cutting down as I have a LOT of weight to lose. My resolve hardened last night after I found a pic of myself from a few years ago. I was so thin. About a size 12. Or nearer a size 10. Seeing this picture has really got me down. I'm 40 in September and if I'm this fat for my 40th I will be majorly depressed.

Going to start exercising again. Aswell as getting out on my bike. And I should be losing weight because of the amount of bending / stretching etc at work. Also started eating apples and bananas, don't really like any other fruit. Have upped my water intake aswell. Anyhoooo, illness and terrible weather have kept me off the bike, it's gale force winds here lately. I had a quick run to the shops on her yesterday and boy I felt it. The new kickstand is very helpful, glad I bought it. Still haven't found a lightweight silver pannier rack. The really light ones are always black. But I have spotted some nice pannier bags.

Actually I have spotted LOADS of nice pannier bags lol. Right, off to the library, away from the cupcakes on the cake counter !

Monday, 9 May 2011

Monday again

Monday morning again, wow they come round quick! Bit down today as I've been poorly. Last week I was soooo tired I didn't get out on my lovely bicycle. :( Bought a sewing machine on Thursday but still haven't had a chance to set it up. And I felt lousy at work all day Saturday ( 8-4.45 ) which ended up as a horrendous migraine. My Saturday night was spent almost delirious with pain, rolling around clutching my head. Sunday was spent mostly in bed, trying to pull myself round. So, all in all, a pretty shit week. On the plus side, the heavens opened on Saturday and it's chucked it down all weekend, hopefully it's helped extinguish the forest fires in the UK. So, this is quite a rambling, not-upto-much blog entry. But it doesn't really matter as I have only 2 followers, neither of whom actually read my blog anymore! Anyway, enough feeling sorry for myself! After work I have to pick my boy up from school, take my dog to the vets ( he's got hayfever ffs ) then I'm going to set my new sewing machine up and get sewing! I am determined to start making stuff to sell, I have quite a few ideas. ;) Just enjoying my cup of coffee at the cafe before I start work. It looks lovely outside, hope I get out on the pashley soon. And I've decided she needs a new name, something ....different. I had decided to call her "Bonnie Lass" but it doesn't really suit her. She needs something a bit more sophisticated lol. I'm leaning toward 'Margot' lol

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New job

Sitting in a cafe with a yummy cupcake and a cup of tea before I go to work.

Into my 3rd week of my new job. It's bloody hard work. But it pays the rent and it got me away from my evil ex-boss ! On Sunday morning I went the furthest on my bike than I've ever been. It wasnt miles but it felt good to go to a new place. Took lots of pics and have spent ages messing about with loads of photo editing apps. I'm quite addicted lol !

Saturday, 23 April 2011

St. Georges Day

St. Paddys Day saw my whole town, shops and pubs, covered in green and shamrocks, posters and bunting everywhere. I've seen 1 yes only 1 St. Georges Day poster up. And not a single shop is selling flags or posters. The bunting I found was in a store room in a shop, covered in dust, they hadn't bothered putting any out. Is nobody proud to be English anymore ? Or are they too busy with royal wedding crap ?! That would be the wedding of RICH people that's costing the public over 2 million pounds for security. The royals who have no idea what goes on in the real world. ENGLAND, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

New job nerves

New job starts tomorrow. Nerves are starting. I did the induction day on Saturday which was better than I expected. I've had to alter my uniform trousers, they were 5 inches too long. Being short sucks ! I'm not likely to grow now either, I'll be 40 this year. Groan. I'm really struggling with this getting old thing. I must get lots of weight off before my birthday or else I will be even more depressed. Hopefully the new job will help get the weight off ! My 30daysofbiking has stalled, due to me spending almost a week in bed with a real stinker of a cold. I'm really gutted about this. But I'm almost better so I will get on with the rest of the challenge as soon as I can. I really wanted to complete this ! The cold has knocked me on my arse. So I'm sure when I finally get back on my lovely bike I will be saddlesore !

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Wow I am ill :( been stuck in bed for coming up 5 days now. I have a real stinker of a cold. Haven't been out on my bike since Sunday, I'm sure I will have forgotten how to ride again ! I signed up for 30daysofbiking and then boom! I get this cold and I haven't the energy to even leave the house. Had a lovely Sunday morning picnic in the park with my wonderful son and my bf. They played footy and I pootled about on my bike, taking pictures of trees n things. Spring is springing. Been looking round my garden and have realised more plants survived the winter than I previously thought. So yes I've been snapping away there too ! Also discovered an iPhone app called instagram. It's bloody brilliant. And re-discovered twitter, was following the Tweed Run tweets last week, I would love to do something like that. I keep poring over blogs like the various cycle chic ones. There's nothing like that here in the north east, no cycling culture at all in fact. It's a shame, only a month with my gorgeous pashley poppy and I am obsessed ! But now I want everyone else to be like that too lol. Anyway, here's a few pics!

Done with a filter in instagram, this is the dragon guardian who looks after my plants.

Another instagram shot of unknown plant in my garden.

Picnic in the park !

How typically English ! My vintage bike propped against a tree in the park while we have a yummy picnic.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Oh well..

Bit disappointed as the pannier rack I ordered for my poppy does not fit. So I'm sending it (and the basil panniers) back tomorrow. My basket should be here by the weekend but it is quite small, won't be able to fit much in it. Contemplating the 30daysofbikeriding challenge ! It starts tomorrow. Haven't been on the bike for a few days. It was gale force winds here today so I can't wait to get back in the saddle. So, feeling a little down. It doesn't help that I stayed up til 3.15am to read the last 400 pages of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Couldn't put it down. Fantastic book. So now I must sleep.

Monday, 28 March 2011


Wow I'm feeling pretty low lately. :( All to do with work issues. Hoping I get a different job soon. Still managing to get out on the poppy most days. Got a rear rack, some pretty basil pannier bags

and a lock coming tomorrow and Sean is buying me a wicker basket

for the front as my moms day pressie. So I will finally be able to start going shopping on my beautiful bicycle. I'm quite smitten with my bike lol. I had been saving hard and I knew a pashley princess sovereign was too expensive so I got what I considered to be the next best thing - a pastel blue Pashley poppy. After applying for yet another job last week, I was thinking about the fact that the company I was applying to was a member of the Cycle To Work scheme. My first thought was if I got that job I would sell my poppy and upgrade to a pps. Then I realised how attached I had become to my poppy. Yes the princess sovereign is a gorgeous bicycle. But so is my poppy ! I realised I no longer thought of her as second best. She looks soooo cool. And once the accessories are on she will be able to do all the jobs I ask of her. She's a bit like me, weird and wonderful. I couldn't have found a better match. Didn't think I had fallen in love with this bike of mine, but I have. And I finally found her name. Bonnie Lass. BlogPress !

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Beautiful things...

I'm drooling over beautiful bike accessories ! Unfortunately I am not in a position to buy any for at least another month. Bobbins bicycles have some gorgeous bits n pieces. Pannier bags, saddle covers, retro lights.

So I'll just have to start saving my pennies up. A lot ! Also seen some funky stuff from Knog, like bike locks, gloves, lights.

Coooooolllll !!!! For some reason, that I do not know, I bought a hideous White flowery helmet

but immediately saw sense and ordered a met camaleonte in pale blue.

Taking the flowery one back for a refund . I honestly don't know what I was thinking. Also still dithering over which basket to buy. Pashley do a small one for the poppy but it's not a quick release one. Then of course I also need a chrome pannier rack, a kickstand .... Must keep listing on eBay, need money to buy beautiful things for my beautiful bicycle !

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Wahoooooo !

Here she is !

My very own beautiful Pashley Poppy. She arrived yesterday and I have just had my first run out this morning. 27 years since I last rode a bicycle. It was scary, exhilarating and amazing. I only did about a mile and a half. My legs are like jelly and my heart was bouncing out my chest but it was great ! Since I am seriously out of shape I will just take it easy for now. BlogPress !

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I have never been a patient person. When I want something, I want it 10 minutes ago. So the fact it has been well over a month since I started looking for a bicycle is driving me nuts. Today, the dealer in Cambridge is off to holland to get more stock. He said he will try to get one in my size. I have checked my phone loads for texts / missed calls / emails. And of course there is no word off him yet. The bloke is driving to holland with a big van, then driving back. It would be a miracle if he had the time and energy to contact me today. But it doesn't stop me hoping ! Had a few words with my OH about a bike the other day. He doesnt want me to get one, says it will be stood in the corner with coats hanging off it. . I hope not, I'm really keen to get into leisure cycling. Let's hope I prove him wrong. That's if I ever get a bike !

BlogPress !

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Saturday morning

Yawn ! I knew I shouldn't have stayed up so late. I watched Practical Magic, I love that film. Wish I lived in a house like that. Going to get up to get ready for work soon. The latest on the Dutch bike front is this - the dealer whose bicycles I saw first (and fell in love with) has been in touch. He's off to holland on Tuesday for stock. So if he can get one in my size ( and he thinks he can ) I might have it here by the end of next week. I'm sooo excited ! I almost went for the pashley poppy but I'm glad I didn't, even tho it's beautiful. The pashley princess sovereign is the best style and the bike I'm hopefully getting is almost identical to that, except it's less than half the price. But I'm so impatient, I want it right now !! I'm keeping everything that I have 2 of crossed for good luck. I can't wait to get into cycling. Here's a few shots taken off the website.

BlogPress !

Monday, 28 February 2011


Ahhh wish I had some money ! Still saving my pennies for a bicycle. still hasn't been in touch re: when they will be getting a delivery and also what sizes the bikes are. So I'm still trawling the Internet for cheap Dutch bikes ( ha! There's no such thing ) and wishing I could afford a pashley RIGHT NOW ! I'm really taken with the pashley poppy. It's so unbelievably pink and adorable. Plus I know it will be the right size. But £450 ? has them in stock for £365 but the special price ends tomorrow, when it goes back upto £435. And of course I don't have enough money right now to get it at the cheaper price :( So, yes, still saving hard and spending my spare time looking at online bike stores. Hey, anyone who knows me knows when I get an idea in my head I get obsessed ! Also been looking at Knog bike stuff, waaaayyyy cool ! Fingerless bike gloves with "love" and "hate" on the knuckles

Anyway, just finished reading Bernie Friend's "Cycling back to happiness" and I must say, what a brilliant book ! What a brave man, with a very quirky n funny writing style. Since I've been looking to get into cycling I've started taking note of my local cycling infrastructure. There isn't any. One bike lane on a short path through the estate does not constitute a cycling infrastructure. There's nowhere in town to lock a bike up. Bear in mind I want to be able to get my shopping on my bike, so this is going to be a problem. And with the whole country in economic turmoil I can't see the local council spending money to put it right. Right, this mornings job is to parcel up the stuff I've sold on eBay and amazon and post it all off. Every penny gets me closer to a beautiful bicycle ! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPh - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday morning, again ?!

Man, these Monday mornings come round quick don't they ?! I'm lousy at blogging. I DO try. but finding a fantastic blog has inspired me in more ways than one. My life needs an overhaul, I've known that for a looooong time. And discovering Clazzerati 's blog has kick-started it. How long have I been going to start sewing stuff, clothes for me, other stuff to sell ? Bloody ages, that's how long. So, time to change my world. Time to get the sewing machine out. Time for a total image overhaul. And don't get me started on the diet....actually, DO get me started ! I've never been so big in my life. Hopefully the bike I'm getting will help with that. At least, when I finally make my mind up which one to get ! Torn between a Pashley Princess Sovereign and a Pashley Poppy. Saving hard, they're not cheap.

Decisions, decisions !